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Cryptors is the first bug bounty platform in Southeast Asia. In here, instead of using software that is limited to block the already known threats, we will be using a limitless bug hunter that can create new strategies and malwares. But wait, we wont' be using just one hunter but an ARMY OF BUG HUNTERS!
This is 1000 times better than a premium software!

"In just one night registering to Cryptors' free trial, I got 4 vulnerability reports. 2 of the 4 reports were high impact with more than a dozen entry points each."
- Zent Lim , Founder & CEO of My StartUps PH

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Where Our Hackers Came From?

Our hackers already tested and secure these companies.

Cyber Defender : The Power of Hacking

By: Alexis Lingad

A book that every hackers must read for it will teach all of the basic foundation in ethical hacking.

"...the Filipino version of Kevin Mitnick's GHOST IN THE WIRES and Kevin Poulsen's KINGPIN...
- Mars Cacacho, Founder of HackTheNorth

The book is focused on a hacker's mindset that gives you a basic idea on how to think like a hacker and it will also inspire you to become one. It will also teach you that having a mentor will create a big impact on how you choose and decide in every step of your life.
-Meric Mara, Chairman of 8layer Technologies, Inc., Director of Maralabs, The man behind the KahelOS (The First Linux Distro in the Philippines)

Cyber Defender II : Web Hacking

By: Manuel Eve Laude

A book that every bug hunters must read for it will teach you the step-by-step process on bug bounty hunting.

"I loved the book. In order to tackle today's cybersecurity problem, it's important for all of us to become well-educated and involved. This book makes that possible. It's very informative; technical yet easy to understand. The author really did put effort into making this piece of art. It's a must have those people who wants to start a cybersecurity career."
- Nefarious, Anonymous Philippines

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